The Classic Manhattan

The Classic Manhattan

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Embark on a sophisticated urban escape with the Manhattan cocktail. Crafted to perfection, this iconic drink combines the bold embrace of bourbon whiskey with the luscious touch of sweet vermouth, resulting in a balanced and refined flavor profile. Finished with a dash of aromatic bitters and a cherry garnish, the Manhattan is more than a cocktail—it's an invitation to savor the timeless essence of New York's classic cocktail culture. 40% alcohol by volume.

 This cocktail kit includes: 

Bourbon whiskey

Sweet vermouth

Aromatic bitters

Cherry garnish

  A TGI Cocktail Night recipe card and a drink coaster 

          **Double Cocktail kits include: 2 cocktails, 2 recipe cards and 2 drink coasters.

         ***Deluxe cocktail kits include: 2 cocktails, 2 recipe cards, 2 drink coasters, a set of 2 cocktail glassware, and 1 cocktail shaker.

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