Frequently Asked Questions



What is TGI Cocktail Night? 

TGI Cocktail Night is a premium cocktail company that  specializes in curating authentic delicious cocktails direct to consumer through our website. We provide fun, easy, on-the- go cocktail kits.


Do I have to be 21 or older to purchase?

Yes, these are cocktail kits.


Do I have to provide some form of ID to verify my age?

Yes, after making a purchase on our website, an email will be sent to you asking you to verify your age. After we receive your age verification we will move forward with processing your order. The ID verification is for the purchaser only.  

Are any of the items perishable? 
Yes, we do use fresh organic ingredients. Please use the kit within 5-7 days upon arrival, and keep refrigerated. 

Are we able to change the name of a cocktail? 
Yes, we can tailor the cocktails to fit your business, theme or event. 


How many cocktails come in each kit? 

We offer single, double and deluxe cocktail kits. The single cocktail kit includes one cocktail, the double cocktail kit includes 2 of the same cocktail, and the deluxe cocktail kit includes: two of the same cocktails, a set of glassware, and a TGI Cocktail Night cocktail shaker.


Do you offer customization options? 
Yes, we offer custom recipe cards, custom cocktail kits, personalized note cards, and product / merchandise inclusion. (Extra Fees Included) 


Is there an order minimum for custom cocktail kits ?
Yes, 20 kits would be the minimum amount for us to offer this service. 


Do you have a referral / Affiliate program? 

Yes, each customer that you refer to us, will receive 10% off their first purchase and you will receive $5 off your next purchase. As an affiliate with TGI Cocktail Night you will receive 30% or each purchase order we receive through your special link.


Are any of the items perishable? 

Yes, we do use fresh organic ingredients. Please use the kit within 5-7 days upon arrival, and keep refrigerated. 


What States do you ship to? Do you ship internationally?

We ship to most states with the exception of 7 states: Utah, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Delaware, Rhode Island.  Also, Puerto Rico and Canada.        At the moment we are not shipping internationally, please check back later. 


Do you supply bulk orders?

Yes, please inquire about cocktail kit orders of 100 or more. We are able to provide bulk/ large orders. We ask that you order 2-3 weeks prior to your event, giving us time to make quality products and ship them right in time for your event.


Are the kits handmade? Do you ship direct to the consumer?

Yes, we take pride in our products and each kit is hand-made with quality ingredients. Yes, we do ship each kit directly to each customer.


Where are you located? Do you Ship locally?

We are located in Los Angeles, California. Yes, we do ship locally throughout the Los Angeles area (Santa Monica, Koreatown, Downtown LA, Silver lake, Echo Park, Hollywood, Burbank, Exposition Park, Beverly Hills and More...) 


Corporate/ Business/ Special Events

Please refer to the events department for more information on corporate events. We provide cocktail kits for team building, thanks to employees, birthdays, Grand openings, Bridal shower, virtual Happy Hour… and much more! 

Do you do custom cocktail orders not listed in your store? 

Yes! We do special requests. Perhaps you would like an old Fashioned or Lemon drop martini we are able to supply exact amounts to make your perfect cocktail.